John, Vicki, Christopher, Sarah and I live with our 7 year old lab mix dog Joules in a 19th Century House in the beautiful historic town of Montclair. We are within walking distance of the shopping district of Upper Montclair which has shops, restaurants, coffee shops, a movie theater, a playhouse and supermarkets. Anderson and Mountainside Parks are also nearby, the latter includes a swimming pool, tennis courts and childrenís playground. There are frequent buses and trains to New York city which is only 45 minutes away. We are also fortunate to have Montclair State University within 2 miles.


I grew up in England and have traveled extensively to different parts of the World including Japan, Singapore and Australia. I truly believe that one cannot gain a good knowledge of a country in a one or two week vacation but it takes time to really understand the culture and people. 

John is originally from Ecuador, but grew up in the USA.  John is able to work from home most of the time as a IP lawyer. I work full time with an Investment Bank in the city. Vicki is 7 years old and attends second grade. Christopher is 6 years old and l started first grade this September.  And, Sarah just turned one.

Since moving to our house 9 years ago we have spent a lot of time fixing it up. Weekends are taken up with family visits and playing tennis. Johnís brother and sisters live nearby and we get together about once a month. Both John and I enjoy playing tennis and I am a member of a yacht club and try to sail regularly in the summer..